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Curriculum Support

A great career in the vibrant service industry starts at school 

ServiceIQ’s annual schools’ compliance requirements are outlined below. To help you with your course planning please refer to the information in the tables for Tourism and Hospitality and other suggestions of where to find valuable information on our website.

Please note: For your convenience, this information includes both ServiceIQ and Ringa Hora – Services Workforce Development Council (WDC) requirements. WDC information should not be taken as up-to-date or accurate – please follow the links to the WDC website for their latest information.

Compliance circle

Course planning

Courses offered at your School will be based on your School’s scope and the School’s ability to meet the Ringa Hora – Services WDC Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) for the specific sector involved. Please refer to the sidebars for standards to choose from. Note: these are provided for your convenience: for the latest information, please contact Ringa Hora – Services WDC.

Resource selection

Choose from paper based student learning material and assessments or blended online learning material with videos, quizzes, PDFs and paper assessments. Products come in Individual Training Packs (ITP) – resources for a single unit standard, or Multi Training Packs (MTP) – a collection of ServiceIQ resources for more than one unit standard.


Pre-moderation – This is undertaken by Ringa Hora – Services WDC. ServiceIQ assessments are provided to you pre-moderated by the WDC – there is nothing more that you need to do. Schools writing their own assessments are required by NZQA to have these assessments pre-moderated by Ringa Hora: this involves checking assessment material before use to ensure it meets the national standard, and is fair, valid, and consistent.

Post-moderation – This is undertaken by Ringa Hora – Services WDC. It involves checking the marking of the assessment after it has been completed, to ensure this meets the national standard; and is fair, valid, and consistent. Post-moderation will be requested by Ringa Hora – Services WDC through their Assessment Intention Plan (AIP) – the WDC will be in touch with you about post-moderation and the AIP.

Applying to extend scope

Consent to Assess is granted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Schools’ Consent to Assess Scope can be found on the NZQA website. Secondary schools are automatically granted a Base Scope of Consent to Assess against standards.

The Base Scope of assessment for Hospitality in Schools includes the Foundation Skills at Level 1 and 2 (Level 1: 15891, 15892, 15893, 15895, 15896, 15900, 15901, 15905, 15918, 15919, 15920, 15921, 19768, 19769, 19770, 21057, 21058, 21059, Level 2: 19771).

Schools intending to assess against additional unit standards should contact Ringa Hora – Services WDC for information and assistance. 

Assessment Intention Plan (AIP)

As noted above, the Ringa Hora – Services WDC may require an Assessment Intention Plan. They will be in touch with you about this.

Get expert help

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact, as relevant, either Ringa Hora – Services WDC or us here at ServiceIQ:

Supporting information

The Service Career Kick-Starter introduces young Kiwis to the many career opportunities in New Zealand’s service industry. The booklet offers a huge range of exciting possibilities, helpful information, incredible career stories, and answers to your big questions. 

Hospitality course planning

Domains: Cookery, Food Safety, Food and Beverage, Hospitality Foundation
  1. Start by reading about Hospitality careers in our Hospitality Schools Career brochure
  2. Find the NZ Certificate in Hospitality L2 Programme of Study here. 
  3. Careers: With the ServiceIQ Career and Qualification Pathways, your students will discover that a role in the Hospitality sector is much more than a job. 
  4. Shop: Hospitality resources can be purchased from the ServiceIQ Shop.

For specific hospitality assistance, talk to your ServiceIQ Schools Advisor – Resources and Development:

Hospitality teacher experience and skill requirements

Hold recognised industry qualification at or above the level at which assessing, or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills, and have sufficient industry experience:
  • Level 2 – 1 year industry experience and a qualification or 2 years industry experience.
  • Level 3 – 3 years of industry experience or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills.

Tourism and Tourism Māori course planning

Domains: Visitor Services, Travel, Tourism Māori Practices
  1. Start by reading about Tourism careers in our Tourism Schools Career brochure
  2. Find the NZ Certificate in Tourism L2 Introductory Skills Programme of Study here.  Note: L3 Māori Tourism units are on all schools’ base scope 
  3. Careers: With the ServiceIQ Career and Qualification Pathways, your students will discover that a role in the Tourism sector is much more than a job. 
  4. Shop: Tourism resources can be purchased from the ServiceIQ Shop.


Go with Tourism

Go with Tourism is a free support service with a range of resources to assist the New Zealand hospitality and tourism workforce. Services include educational pathways, and job and employer connectors.

The work of both ServiceIQ and Go with Tourism is hugely complementary, especially when it comes to offerings for schools.

The benefits for you

  • Every time you meet with someone from either ServiceIQ or Go with Tourism, you will engage with both organisations. That saves you time (potentially halving your number of calls or meetings).
  • It also means that you have more points of contact so your ServiceIQ and Go with Tourism needs or queries can be addressed quicker than ever. No matter who you meet with from either organisation, we’ll ensure that the relevant people from either or both are involved on your behalf.

We’re still your key contact

While you may see your Go with Tourism Regional Coordinator from time to time, ServiceIQ is still your first port of call for any Gateway, teaching resource or other ServiceIQ proactive questions or queries.

If you have anything that’s specifically about Go with Tourism, you should still get in touch with them first. The Go with Tourism team is:

Aalee Daniels
Regional Coordinator – Upper North Island
021 071 4996

Jackson Flavell
Regional Coordinator – Lower North Island
021 341 942

Kirsten Perrott
Regional Coordinator – Upper South Island
021 416 521

Heidi Gillingham
Regional Coordinator – Lower South Island (incl. West)
022 3234 094