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Cookery programmes

Whether you run a 5-star restaurant, café, or burger joint, a highly skilled and talented team in the kitchen is a vital ingredient for success, creating delicious flavours and great looking dishes that keep new customers and fans coming back for more.

ServiceIQ helps many of the country’s finest young cooks and award-winning chefs gain the essential repertoire of culinary skills and knowledge they need to impress the most discerning diners.

From a full-on Chef’s apprenticeship, to individual cookery and management programmes, your up-coming trainees can gain vital know-how to confidently create everything in the A to Z of cuisine, from celebrated classics to the seriously complex.

Cookery Hero Circle

Each cookery programme is easily completed on the job, and around your business. They lead to excellent service for your customers and national qualifications for your people.

Choose the right programme for you

ServiceIQ’s programmes take between four months to two years to complete. Employees learn at their own pace and training mostly takes place in the workplace.

Cookery Qual pathway

Hospitality Savvy Award

Hospo savvy

Get your new staff kitchen-ready quickly and easily, by upskilling them on-job in all the essentials of food safety, health & safety, customer service and more with the Hospitality Savvy Award. Designed for cafés, pubs, clubs, quick-service restaurants and take-away businesses, the bite-sized training programme is completed easily by new recruits on-job in only four months or less.

New Zealand Certificate in Cookery – Level 3


Get the basic cookery skills and knowledge to be a junior chef producing basic dishes in a commercial kitchen. The New Zealand Certificate in Cookery  Level 3 is the perfect introduction to all the essentials and know-how you need to start cooking as a professional.  

New Zealand Cookery Apprenticeship

New Zealand Cookery Apprenticeship

The New Zealand Cookery Apprenticeship is the elite culinary programme where upcoming chefs become qualified experts through on-job training – developing vital skills, knowledge and perfecting their art to the highest standard of commercial competence for upscale restaurants.

It’s how many of the world’s best chefs made their mark, because you can’t beat the true learning experience of creating superb food in a high pressure commercial kitchen for paying customers. It is the only programme of its kind in New Zealand and highly sought-after by leading hotels, restaurants and aspiring young chefs.  

New Zealand Certificate in Cookery – Level 4

Hospo NZC Cook L4 WEB 2

Take your commercial culinary expertise to the next level by mastering a range of complex dishes, new techniques and knowledge. The New Zealand Certificate in Cookery  Level 4 is the ideal qualification for people wanting the right skills to be a restaurant chef.  

New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management – Level 5

Hospo NZD Management L5 WEB

Specially designed for experienced and talented chefs ready to take their career even higher. The New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management – Level 5 gives your senior people the vital skills, knowledge and capability to be able to manage the premises' day-to-day operations, staff and planning, and pull everything together to provide a first-class customer service.