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Schools certificate ordering

ServiceIQ’s new Certificate ordering process is faster, easier, better for you and your students

ServiceIQ has a new Certificate ordering process that is great news for you and your students. It’s faster for you to complete, and it means your students will be able to receive and add their Certificates to their CVs in the same year that they achieve their NZQA Unit Standards.

This new process complies with NZQA requirements and replaces the previous system where a student’s NZQA Record of Achievement or Entries needed to be sighted by ServiceIQ.

Here’s how to use the new process 

1. To order ServiceIQ Certificates for your students

  • Please have your School Principal or Principal nominee complete and sign the ServiceIQ Attestation letter for each student: 
    Download the attestation letter
    • Your School Principal or Principal nominee can insert a digital signature to save time in multiple signings.
    • One Attestation letter can be used for a student throughout their school years.


Alert 150px
Gateway certificate ordering

To order Gateway certificates, please use the Gateway certificate ordering process.


2. What you need to include with your order

  • Completed and signed ServiceIQ Attestation Letter(s) for each student.
  • A typed list of your student’s full name to ensure spelling is correct on the certificate(s). Your School can use our ServiceIQ Certificate cover sheet template to type the list of student names if you don’t have a template at hand: Download Certificate Order Form for Schools.
  • ServiceIQ reporting forms for the students (this is optional) – these are located at the back of your student’s Workbook/Assessment.


3. Send your order to:

ServiceIQ Customer Experience Team

  • Standard post: ServiceIQ, PO Box 25522, Wellington 6140


  • Courier: ServiceIQ, Level 2, 15 Walter Street, Wellington 6011 

4. Certificate delivery

  • ServiceIQ will send the student/s certificate/s within four weeks of receiving your order.  


Certificate fee and information

There is a cost of $17.25 (incl GST) per certificate that will be invoiced to the School. We have space for a maximum of six (6) unit standards on each certificate.

Please Note: The ServiceIQ Certificate includes the following disclaimer: “The Secondary School is responsible for ensuring the student’s NZQA annual fees are, or will be paid, and for transferring the NZQA unit standard(s) to the student’s NZQA Record of Achievement, in compliance with NZQA requirements as per the ServiceIQ Attestation letter.”