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Travel programmes

Travel agents are the professionals who help people plan and book their travel – whether they are travelling for work, for personal reasons or for a well-earned holiday.

Attention to detail, sales skills and the ability to give great customer service are important, and an up to date knowledge of the industry, products and regulations are just as vital.

If your people have a good qualification you can rest assured that your customers are being looked after by staff who know what they’re doing. They will have the training, knowledge and skills to ensure that your business succeeds and your customers come back for that personal service that the Internet simply can’t offer.


Choose the right programme for you

ServiceIQ’s programmes take between four months to two years to complete. Employees learn at their own pace and training mostly takes place in the workplace.

travel Qual pathway

New Zealand Certificate in Travel – Level 4

Travel NC L4 WEB

Taking care of multiple international travel plans and booking requirements can be a complex operation. It requires skill and experience to get everything just right for every customer. The New Zealand Certificate in Travel  Level 4 qualification is the first step for travel agents who want to gain the expertise they need to deliver great advice and customer service.