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Māori and Pasifika in the service sector

Aotearoa New Zealand’s service sector workforce is very diverse and is rapidly changing.

The current service sector workforce is made up of:

11 percent
5 percent


In 2018 the service sector employed 713,154 people in Aotearoa New Zealand (28.6% of workers), and this is forecast to grow by 8.6% or 61,303 new jobs by 2024.

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Supporting the development of the Māori and Pasifika service sector workforce

Māori and Pasifika make a significant contribution to the service sector workforce, and ServiceIQ is committed to encouraging and celebrating their success. ServiceIQ’s industries have a strong, and growing, participation of Māori and Pasifika in schools programmes and on-job training. 13% of the trainees in our industries are Māori, and 7% are Pasifika.

The Pasifika Action Plan and Māori Action Plan were released in May 2017 after consultation and engagement with Māori and Pasifika communities, businesses, and learners.


Pasifika Action Plan

Within the service sector, our Pasifika Action Plan focuses on:
  • exploring and enhancing opportunities for Pasifika in the service sector
  • helping to build a confident and competent Pasifika workforce in the service sector
  • celebrating Pasifika success in the service sector.

Download Pasifika Action Plan


Māori Action Plan

Within the service sector, our Māori Action Plan focuses on:
  • strengthening the pipeline of Māori moving into jobs in the service sector
  • supporting and developing Māori learners in the service sector
  • celebrating Māori success in the service sector.

Download Māori Action Plan

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Profiles of Pasifika and Māori ambassadors, champions, and businesses

The service sector is full of inspirational stories. Read some of these success stories below.

All aboard the Tamaki waka
Parai Parai
Secrets at the museum
Eliesa Sime

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Other useful information

ServiceIQ has been involved with research projects in collaboration with Ako Aotearoa. The Pasifika Learner Success in Workplace Settings report shows the interventions that employers can make with Pasifika trainees to improve successful completions of programmes within workplace training.

A model for successful Māori learners in workplace settings shows how Māori apprentices approach learning in the workplace and how this may provide guidance for employers to more successful outcomes.

The Workforce Development page shows the efforts being made by ServiceIQ to address six key priority actions developed in consultation with industry, and also links to the Regional Roadmap documents to help create detailed actions for the development of a vision of a world-class service industry.

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Māori and Pasifika 

Discover service sector and on-job trainee demographics.

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Pasifika learner success in workplace settings research.

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Māori learner success in workplace settings research.

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