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Aviation Gateway Flying Programme

Flying start to a student's career in aviation

Aviation is an exciting career choice with lots of possibilities – from pilot, aeronautical engineer, flight attendant and air traffic controller, to check-in agent, cargo handling supervisor to airport operations officer, and many more.

ServiceIQ’s Aviation Gateway Flying Programme is a fantastic way for students who are interested in aviation to get a feel for what it’s like to be a pilot and to gain an understanding of different areas of the industry. If the passion is to be a pilot, this firsttime experience can help a student gain acceptance into full time flight training.

Aviation Gateway

How it works

Students do their training with CAA qualified instructors at a local aero club during term time. The programme usually takes about 10 weeks, and normally runs between 1.00pm and 3.30pm. 

Benefits for students

Students who successfully complete the programme will have gained:
  • up to three flights towards their Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)

  • up to 18 credits towards a nationally recognised qualification

  • real skills and knowledge of the aviation industry

  • an insight into many exciting career options in aviation

  • access to aviation workplaces that are normally hard to visit


Programme content

Unit  Unit standard title Level  Credits


Demonstrate knowledge of aviation industry law, systems and procedures

1   1


Describe the development of aviation from pre World War 1 through to current times

2   8


Identify aviation support structures, aircraft types and operations in New Zealand

2   3


Demonstrate knowledge of internal structures in the civil aviation industry in New Zealand

2   3


Demonstrate knowledge of aviation career and training options

2   3


 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of aircraft flight  2  2
  Total Credits   20

How to apply

To sign up to this great programme, you’ll need to: contact your school’s Gateway coordinator and your local aero club to find out about courses in your area; fill out a Gateway MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) agreement for your school, sign on students and order resources using the Gateway Order form.

Registration and Resource Order Form need to be submitted to Please allow up to 10–14 working days for orders to be processed and delivered.

Below are Aero Clubs that are happy to run Gateway Aviation Flying subject to sufficient interest from schools/students. Please contact them directly for further details (Note this list is subject to change):