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Kick-start a great career in service!

Introducing aviation, tourism, travel, hospitality, retail and retail supply chain

Welcome to ServiceIQ, proud to be helping Kiwis get great careers by earning and learning on-job in New Zealand’s service industry.

Unlimited choice

There are hundreds of terrific careers to aim for: aviation engineer, airport operations manager, pilot, tourism guide, professional chef, catering expert, food & beverage manager, café and restaurant manager, retail manager, and many, many more…  

And the great news is that once you get into the industry you love, you can train and gain the knowledge and qualifications you need to step up into these roles.

Right for you?

If you thrive on helping others, the service industry offers huge opportunities to make a positive difference and enjoy a satisfying career.

And if you learn best by doing, upskilling on-job is the best way to gain an education, experience, qualifications and earn a living, all at the same time.

How do I get started?

The first thing you need to do is get an entry level job in the service industry you’re really interested in. Once you’ve got the job, you’ll have the opportunity to train, earn as you learn, and gain the experience and qualifications that get you the next role and take you places.