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Online short courses

Better service, faster. Anyone can upskill online

Over 30,000 people have upskilled with ServiceIQ’s online short courses. You and/or your staff can too. Whether it’s new staff you need to upskill quickly, or experienced people who need a refresh, the courses are practical and contain the essential information you need to know to help protect and build your business. They are also quick, can be completed anytime, anywhere, and when you succeed you gain a certificate.

Listed below are the short courses we currently have on offer.

Please note: Short online courses cannot be refunded, and the purchase is final. To purchase a short course, please contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 863 693 or

We are always updating and adding new courses, so please keep checking here for what's new. If you would like more information about our full suite of qualifications, please visit our training programmes area. 

Hospo Safe – your online food and workplace safety essential

It can be a real pain meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Food Act. Failing to meet the requirements can be an even bigger pain. Now, thanks to industry-endorsed online Hospo Safe training, you can get some relief.

In just a few hours, Hospo Safe gives your kitchen and front of house staff the knowledge they need to protect your business, customers, themselves and fellow staff from foodborne illness, cross-contamination and workplace injury. As well as helping you show regulators that you are complying with government requirements, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your business, staff and customers are in safe hands.

Cost: $99.00 incl. GST

Introduction to Customer Service Skills

The skills and personal characteristics needed to be successful in the customer service industry are covered. Staff completing this course will know the skills and personal characteristics needed to help your business deliver great customer service.

Cost: $39.00 incl. GST

Introduction to Visitor Experience

Whether you run a service such as a café or shop, or provide accommodation, transport, activities or tours, delivering a positive visitor experience is essential to ensure your destination and New Zealand maintain a good reputation in the world market. Staff completing this course will know the skills and personal characteristics needed to help your business deliver a great visitor experience.

Cost: $45.00 incl. GST

Resolving Customer Complaints Effectively

Customers deserve and expect good service. Sometimes things don’t work out though, and a customer will complain. How effectively your people handle that complaint will have a big impact on how that customer views your business – and what they tell others about it. Staff who have completed this course will understand the value of complaints and the techniques for dealing with them, and be able to resolve most complaints quickly and effectively.

Cost: $39.00 incl. GST

Being a Responsible Gambling Host

Every establishment offering TAB and pokies facilities must meet strict gambling regulations to protect members, guests and staff. This course covers responsible hosting, minimising gambling harm, and assisting problem gamblers. The course meets host responsibility requirements and includes video and printed reference materials.

Cost: $39.00 incl. GST

Benefits of online short courses

Watch this video about the benefit of ServiceIQ's online short courses to the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club

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