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Catering programmes

Impressing large groups of people with great food and great service, often outside of a traditional restaurant setting, can be a real challenge. Your team need to be on the ball every minute to make sure customers enjoy a great experience and give you a glowing review, no matter what.

ServiceIQ helps many of New Zealand’s leading catering businesses succeed through world-class on-job training programmes.

To be successful, it takes professionals with the right mix of skills and talent to deliver and delight diners, day in and day out. From menu design and food production to front line customer service, procurement, site managers, chefs, general managers and other experts.

Catering Hero Circle

We offer professional skills and know-how for people catering to all kinds of customers with different tastes and dietary needs, in all kinds of places: airlines, sporting events, public and private celebrations, children’s parties, hospitals and care homes to name just a few.

Each programme is easily completed on the job, and around your business. And each leads to excellent service for your customers and national qualifications for your people.

Choose the right programme for you

ServiceIQ’s programmes take between four months to two years to complete. Employees learn at their own pace and training mostly takes place in the workplace.

catering Qual pathway

Hospitality Savvy Award

Hospo savvy

Get your new staff kitchen-ready quickly and easily, by upskilling them on-job in all the essentials of food safety, health & safety, customer service and more with the Hospitality Savvy Award. Designed for cafés, pubs, clubs, quick-service restaurants and take-away businesses, the bite-sized training programme is completed easily by new recruits on-job in only three months or less.

New Zealand Certificate in Catering Services – Level 3

NZC Catering02

Designed especially to satisfy the demands of your business – the New Zealand Certificate in Catering Services  Level 3 is the training programme that helps you meet your customers’ expectations for excellent food safety, preparation and delivery.

It has been developed by industry experts for the benefit of businesses like yours.

New Zealand Certificate in Catering Services – Level 4

New Zealand Certificate in Catering Services Level 4

Designed for people who have successfully mastered the basic essentials in catering, this next step – New Zealand Certificate in Catering Services  Level 4 – serves up knowledge and skills to become a cook or caterer in a hospital, aged care facility, sporting and entertainment venue, and many other businesses. 

New Zealand Apprenticeship in Catering Services

New Zealand Apprenticeship in Catering Services

Get the skills and knowledge to be able to prepare delicious healthy food, understand food safety and costing, and work with a diverse team, with a rewarding career in catering. The New Zealand Apprenticeship in Catering Services provides the know-how plus nationally recognised qualifications to help kick-start a career. 

Dysphagia micro-credential

Dysphagia micro credential

This International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) based dysphagia micro-credential gives your kitchen, food prep and handling staff the knowledge they need to protect your residents and clients from harm, and your reputation from damage. As well as helping you show auditors and regulators that you are complying with requirements, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your business, staff, and those you care for are in safe hands.