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Benefits for business

What can ServiceIQ do for my business?

Successful businesses are owned, managed and staffed by skilled and knowledgeable people.

As staff costs are a large proportion of the budget in most businesses, it’s essential that everyone does their job well. Effective, efficient and customer-focused people are a defining characteristic of great service industry businesses. 

Your business could be eligible for a wage subsidy through the government's apprentice support programmes. Find out more here.

Who benefits from on-the-job training?

Everyone. It’s ideal for people who have done very little training, as well as more experienced staff who need to develop their skills further. Because your staff learn as they work, downtime is minimised, taking the pressure off management and colleagues. There’s also a great incentive for the learner, with a nationally recognised qualification when they successfully complete their programme.

Benefits include:

  • staff learn in the workplace
  • staff with improved practical skills
  • increased productivity of individuals and the team
  • more motivated staff
  • better retention of staff
  • credibility of your business
  • enhancement of your products and services
  • compliance with health and safety requirements.

ServiceIQ training programmes are designed with your business in mind. We work with you to develop and facilitate on the job training that results in more productive employees and a smarter business.


Be inspired by our service industry leaders

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