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Cleared for take-off

Enjoy a great career in aviation

Aviation is an exciting industry with lots of interesting career options to choose from – the sky is the limit. From pilot, aeronautical engineer, air traffic controller, and flight attendant to customer service, ground operations staff and more. 

ServiceIQ is delighted to help students start to get a great aviation career off the ground in their final years at school. 

We offer two options that help students discover the aviation industry, different roles, and gain unit standards that can help open the door to a job that offers workplace training for a career.    

On leaving school, aspiring pilots can attend a flight training school. For other aviation roles, students can land jobs where they upskill on an apprenticeship or a workplace training programme, and build a career working in an airport, for a major international airline, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, or a smaller tourism or agricultural flight operator.


Young people who have started a career in Aviation

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Get a career pathway started

Start studying at school or in the workplace

What to Study at School

ServiceIQ Gateway Aviation programmes: These two programmes give students an introduction to the aviation industry, its background and aviation careers.

The Aviation Gateway Flying Programme offers the chance to gain Level 2 unit standards and real on-job experience in an aviation workplace, including learning to fly.  

The Aviation Gateway/STAR Aeroscience Programme can lead to a wide range of exciting aviation careers, and rewards students with up to 33 credits towards NCEA Level 3.

What to do after school

Students who successfully complete either of our school aviation programmes can apply for a range of airline and airport industry roles where they can develop a career by training on the job.

As a basic guide, airlines, such as Air New Zealand, employ and offer training programmes or apprenticeships to upskill talented people for a wide range of important roles including: flight attendants, aeronautical engineers, ground staff, aircraft cleaners, check-in staff and ramp operators.

Airports employ and upskill air traffic controllers, and operations staff. 

The Royal New Zealand Airforce also offers those who want to become aircraft engineers, ramp operators and other roles, the opportunity to upskill on job using ServiceIQ apprenticeships and training programmes.

To pursue a career as a pilot, students can apply to train at one of several flight training schools around New Zealand.

ServiceIQ sets the standards and creates the apprenticeship and qualification training programmes used by industry to develop experts in almost every area of New Zealand’s great aviation industry.



You and your students can find out more about careers in aviation at: >


Career & Qualification Pathways

Students can find out more about our ServiceIQ career and qualification pathways.

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Success stories

Read about how others are succeeding in their career of choice

Angelina Singh

“On-job, you’re getting the salary and a qualification. You can also enjoy a social life because you’ve...”

Ellie McIlraith
Ellie McIlraith

Once I’ve done the theory, I’ll go on to the practical flying and eventually sit a PPL Flying test to gain my license...”

Kenya Campbell

“It’s fantastic to have a full-time role, good pay, and to be learning from a terrific team of experts...”

Jarrod Wood
Aircraft Engineer

I really enjoyed learning and earning on the job. Your skills can be tailored to...”