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Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project

The TITO/WDC Service Sector COVID-19 Response Project

The Hinonga Kōkiri / Head Start Project is a new initiative from ServiceIQ that brings together service sector stakeholders from schools, tertiary education providers, industry, employers, and iwi throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to reflect on how COVID-19 has reshaped business, and tell us what people and skills, training, and learning pathways they need for their future success.

The purpose of the project is to hear stakeholder perspectives on:

  • how COVID-19 has reshaped vocational pathways and business, and
  • what people and skills, training, and learning pathways are needed to get a head start to COVID-19 recovery.

From this research ServiceIQ will offer a workforce strategy to the newly formed Services Workforce Development Council iEB Board that includes employer, schools, provider, and iwi voices, and in this way the project gives service sector stakeholders an opportunity to shape vocational education in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The following draft skills summaries are available for industry, schools, and provider review:

Feedback is open from now until March 22nd.

Please email your comments to

This project is funded from the Tertiary Education Commission WDC/Transitional ITO COVID-19 Response Projects Fund.