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Workplace Online
Guides for Trainees and Assessors


Te Kete is Te Pūkenga | ServiceIQ's Learning Management System

On this page you can find:

Trainee guide

Videos and downloadable PDF guides to help you get the best from our Te Kete online learning and assessment system.

Trainee guide



Te Kete – Trainee guide PDF

Download this Te Kete complete guide for trainees.

Assessor guides


Te Kete – Assessor guide PDF

Download this Te Kete complete guide for assessors.


Te Kete – Assessor guide (LCQ ONLY) PDF

Download this Te Kete complete guide for LCQ ONLY for assessors.

'How to ...' 

Get up to speed in just a few minutes with these helpful videos.

How to access Te Kete

Allocate a unit to your workplace trainee.

How to mark an assessment width=

Mark your workplace trainee's completed assessment.



When will ServiceIQ move away from paper to only online learning and assessment?

Then are no plans for this. Paper options will remain for those who need them.

What is the cost of an online Unit Standard (Te Kete) per student?

Packs of four units are $50+GST ($57.50). Single units are $20+GST ($23.00) per student. Unlike print, the cost is the same no matter how big the unit is and online learning plus assessment does not incur freight costs.

Can I download completed student assessments for external moderation?

Yes, you can easily download the assessment and can share it as a PDF file with any external entity for moderation.

Can my students upload documents, photos, videos etc?

Yes, both students and teachers can upload files such as photos, documents, and videos.

During the year, can a student be moved from one teacher to another?

Yes, this can be done in Te Kete.

Can a student access learning materials and assessments at the same time?

Yes, students can open more than one browser tab and have the learning material in one and their assessment in another.

Are there any 'How to instructions' available for Te Kete?

Yes, there is a full downloadable instruction guide plus short ‘How to’ videos’ for all the key Te Kete features, available on this page (see above). 

 What is Te Kete?

Te Kete is Te Pūkenga | ServiceIQ's Learning Management System.


Which browser should I use?

Te Kete (powered by Canvas) should be used on current or previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. It may also be used on Edge, but Internet Explorer is not supported.


What should I use on mobile devices?

Canvas is designed to be used within Canvas mobile applications. These apps can be downloaded from the app store or play store on your phone.


How do I log into Te Kete?

To access the login screen, use the following link: