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Manaaki Fund 2024

ServiceIQ Manaaki Fund: Learner Support

We have access to temporary funding to help our trainees and apprentices who may be experiencing unexpected hardship.

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To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in a ServiceIQ workplace training programme or apprenticeship and meet all the listed criteria. To find out if you qualify for financial assistance of up to $1,000 please read ... What you need to know. 

To help us respond to your application as quickly as possible, please ensure all the required information is provided in your application. We aim to notify you of the outcome within two weeks.

Successful recipients of the ServiceIQ Manaaki Fund will be asked to provide confidential feedback so we can measure the impact of this funding.

Please note: Only online applications using the form linked below are accepted. If you need help completing the form, we are happy to assist. You can contact us at or on 0800 863 693 and ask for the Manaaki Fund team.

What you need to know 

The Manaaki Fund is for hardship

It is temporary assistance for any currently enrolled eligible ServiceIQ trainee or apprentice facing unexpected financial hardship which impacts their ability to learn.

Be enrolled to qualify

If you are currently enrolled in a ServiceIQ training programme and facing financial hardship you probably qualify. Exclusions include: people doing only online short courses (including LCQ and Hospo Safe) and micro-credentials, and school students. 

Up to $1,000 will be paid

If you apply, and your application is approved, you will get up to $1,000 paid into your bank account. If you receive less than you applied for we will let you know why. You can apply anytime during 2024. (Please note: if funds run out, we could close applications before the end of the year).

Evidence of financial hardship isn’t needed

You only need to explain your situation and give any relevant details as indicated on the application form, along with an indication of how much financial support you need.

Examples of financial hardship

When you have difficulty paying your bills and/or purchasing items for essential day-to-day living. Examples are:

  • necessary medical, dental, or optometry costs
  • high transport costs
  • inability to buy day-to-day essentials
  • a disability or temporary illness
  • unforeseen family issues
  • death or illness of an immediate family member
  • natural disaster
  • family violence
  • other financial problems that adversely impact your livelihood.

What you can spend the money on
  • food
  • transport/petrol
  • housing/rent
  • utilities (power, water, gas etc)
  • medical and related costs
  • clothing
  • childcare
  • internet access
  • items that directly support relieving your hardship.

What you cannot buy
  • study, course or tuition fees or related costs
  • technology, including hardware and software
  • any other items that do not directly relieve your hardship.

Do I need to do anything after I’ve received the funds?

Yes – we will send you a survey and ask that you take a few minutes to complete it.

Apply now

Manaaki Fund Application

Applying is confidential

Your application and its outcome are both completely confidential. The only people who will know any detail are ServiceIQ’s small Manaaki team who evaluate and approve applications.

Please note

To complete the form, you will need:

  • to have your NSN (National Student Number) – there is information on the form on how to find that
  • to tell us the name of your training programme or apprenticeship – this doesn’t have to be exact, but please try and get it as close as you can
  • to have your bank account details ready so you can receive the funds:
    1. bank name
    2. account name
    3. account number
    4. you will also need to upload a screenshot, snip or deposit slip of your Bank Account details showing Name and Bank Account Number.

Please note: incorrect applications will be declined. However you can reapply if this is the case, ensuring all information is correctly provided.

To apply, click the link below. This will open the form in a new window.


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